Достижения науки и техники АПК

Теоретический и научно-практический журнал





The journal is indexed in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) database on the Web of Science platform

Achievements of Science and Technology of AICis a theoretical and research and practice journal, which publishes the information about the developments of scientists from agrarian research and higher educational institutions, new engineering and technologies, applied in the agrarian industry, economic interrelations in the country under conditions of all forms of property.

The journal was founded in 1987, issues 12 times in a year with volume 5-7 p.s. by the size 60x90 1/8. Summaries of articles are published in abstract journals on agriculture and biology, and they are also written in the bibliographical base Agris.

The two-year impact factor of the journal in RSCI in 2015 (recent figures) is 0.698. In the total rating SCIENCE INDEX of RSCI in 2015 it was the 75th, in the themes on agriculture and forestry it was the 6th.

For the publication it is accepted experimental and theoretical articles, brief communications and reviews on modern scientific achievements in different branches of the agroindustrial complex on the following branches of sciences:

03.00.00 – biological sciences;

05.00.00 – technical sciences;

06.00.00 – agricultural sciences (agronomy, zootechny and veterinary science).