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L.D. Shamanskaya
Research Institute of Horticulture for Siberia named after M.A. Lisavenko of Russian Academy of Agrarian Sciences

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Summary. Trials results of preparations on the basis of natural BAS: Fosa, Artaphidin and Vista-Start against apple pests at the first years of growing are presented in the paper. The preparations ensure efficiency against green apple aphid, caterpillars of pierid butterfly of the 1st age on the level of 98,2…100%, reduce the number of leaf mite in 10-17 times and can be discussed as an alternative to chemical pesticides. Preparation Vita-Start (0,2%) showed immunomodelling action in relation to green sea-buckthorn aphid, ensuring gradual decrease of the number of pests up to full disappearance. The application of biological preparation Phitoverm in complex with bio-addition, obtained on the base of organic acids, gives a possibility to reduce the consumption norm in 2 times and to ensure high efficiency of treatment against pests, enumerated above. Preparations on the base of natural BAS and Phitoverm in complex with addition are not harmful for useful fauna. Effective extermination of green apple aphid and leaf mite contributed to the best apple development, especially at treatment with preparation Fos. Preparations Vita-Start (0.005%) and Immunocytofit, in spite of low initial effect of treatment, ensured good development of plants, that testified about their growth stimulating action. Application of preparations on the base of natural BAP and biological preparation Phitoverm against suctorial and leaf gnawing pests ensured more active bearing of plants, which made up 38,8…100% against 33% in control.

Keywords: apple, green apple aphid, pierid butterfly, leaf apple mite, preparations, efficiency.